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'The Forest' Movie 2016 Review: How Should it00 Fare Against Critics? Did Natalie Dormer Made Bad Decision?
'The Forest'' is generally a 2016 British-American supernatural horror film which was released on Jan. 8, 2016 in the theaters in america combined with UK./n
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Beautipop Makeup
Makeup For Ugly Women - Secret Makeup & Cosmetictips To Make Ugly Women Beautiful/nWhy do some of the most beautiful women you meet think themselves ugly? And what of the ones who are ugly but tend to do nothing about it and sulk. There is no such thing as ugly. Ugly is a word that means nothing more than something that doesn't look nice, but nice can be bettered to pretty attractive or handsome. Now stop sulking and get your act together. What women have to remember is that it is mostly themselves that see the ugliness and not other people. /nIt's the norm for women to think they don't look good, even when they do; they wouldn't be women if they didn't. There's always going to be that one particular part of the body their not happy with. Whether it's the face, bottom, breasts, legs or whatever, they'll find fault. And more times than not the person whose suffers the most due to the fault found is either the husband or boyfriend. /nMakeup Beauty Tips /nThe biggest mistake women make when using cosmetics is the lack of knowledge on the beauty items they use. It's all well and good knowing where to apply the product on the body, but is this enough. No it's not. How much do you know about the slapstick you paint your face with. Do you know how much to use. Do you know what ingredients are contained in the cosmetics that fill your makeup bag? Do you know how to do a skin test for allergies, and how to deal with complications deriving from an allergic reaction? Its matters like this that's essential for you to know if the ugly duckling is to turn into a swan /nThere are a lot of beauty secrets out there that is still just that, "secret." Should these get out then women have no excuse but to better improve the way they look. But because the secrets are kept secret then you have to work with the basics about makeup and use it to your advantage. /nChoosing the right cosmetics is your first priority, and then learning how to correctly apply them. Mixing and matching colours is important also. If you manage to find a technique you're comfortable with when applying your mascara, lipstick, eye shadow or whatever then half the battle is won. Having the knack regardless of what's involved will save you time, however if it includes makeup then not only can it save you time, but embarrassment too if people see you as Coco the Clown. /nGetting accustomed to your "proper" beauty products will have you look beautifully glamorous. /nHow you can make an ugly face pretty. I know I said there's no such thing as ugly but I can't get this through to them who beg to differ which leaves me no choice but to try and help these so called ugly women be beautiful, using their beauty products right.. /nMakeup Beauty Tips Below /nBeautiful eyes are not an attractive feature but more a precious asset. Aside from your smile it is the eyes first thing people notice. Healthy eyes are beautiful eyes. If you know you have fabulous eyes but lately they look dreary and tired then to add sparkle use chilled eye drops. Eye drops will revitalize the eyes and increase the look of liveliness. Eye lash curlers used on the lashes tend to open the eyes up wide to display stunningly gorgeous eyes. Salt is not good for the eyes, as to much can cause water retention which the outcome is eye puffiness (puffy or look swollen.) Alcohol is a common cause for redness in the eyes. You only have to look at someone slightly inebriated for proof. /nSun glasses should be worn to protect your eyes at all times in the sun. Wear a quality brand name of sunshades that will efficiently filter out the harmful UV rays. Never rub the eyes no matter how tempting it causes fine lines and wrinkles. When applying eye cream to the eyes smooth your finger lightly from your temple to your nose and gently massage into the skin. Eye treatments should contain natural ingredients Remove eye makeup every evening. As we get older the skin underneath the eyes thins and because of this the veins below become more visible hence dark looking circles under the eyes. Allergies can cause nasal inflammation which then increases the amount of pressure on the sinuses; this impedes the blood from draining which gives rise to blood pools in the veins and capillaries underneath the eye, creating blackness (dark under eye circles.) /nMake my big nose look smaller /nIs your nose long, if so face foundation a shade darker than your skin tone on either side of your nose will help? /nIf it's wide (roman) then the foundation needs to be smoothed below the nose where the nostrils meet. /nBring more action to your eyes using cosmetics to draw attention away from nose. /nHighlight the lips with lip gloss and accentuate the cheek bones with blusher. /nDon't wear your hair back if you want your nose to look smaller. Hairstyle tip: a sneaky move for taking attention away from your big nose is to part your hair on the side /nDo not cover your face with your hair in hope to conceal your nose, people aren't soft they know it's there and will automatically start scrutinizing your face till they find it, and if it's as big as you make out then it won't take them long. The less conspicuous your attempts are try and hide your nose the better for you to save those blushes /nBeauty is about natural and the more natural looking you are the better beautiful you will look. /nMakeup Beauty Tips For Lips /nFor natural looking pinkish lips apply a small amount of beetroot juice before going to sleep. /nLightly rub the lips with lemon juice to avoid darkening of lips. /nTreating your lips daily with mint juice or coriander leaf juice will keep them smooth and rosy. /nEat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables; this is an overall health tip for the body which includes the eyes lips and skin also. /nExfoliate your lips once every 7 days. Wet a "soft" bristle toothbrush and carefully brush the lips /nBeverages such as tea and coffee can be the cause of black lips and tobacco products too. To treat, mix lemon and glycerin together and smooth over your lips each evening before bed. Rinse it off in the morning. This will help lighten the lips. /nCosmetics can either make you or break you if you know what I mean, too much makeup can ruin a good look, and if not enough makeup is applied then the good look you don't get. /nNo matter how pretty and kissable the lips look, they won't look as good or get hooked upon by another's lips if those pearly whites aren't white. /nDental treatments/surgery is expensive, however no reason to let the teeth rot and decay. Looking after your teeth in the early years may prevent the need for dental treatment in the future. Brush the teeth 3 times a day and floss. Remember, bad breath is a big turn off. No matter how beautiful you are to look at and with all the curves in the right place don't expect any kisses if your breath smells. If you suffer from bad breath speak with your dentist. If you're out on a night out and you're breath smells of fags or garlic, carry a mini mouthwash spray in your hand bag
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Contract Phones
Refused a mobile phone because of bad credit? We can help you get approved for the latest smartphones. No credit check contract phones available too.
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Entire Research Of Your BAD Inbound Links - At the start, we evaluate your inbound links. And then, we use 20 distinctive variables to find out which of those backlinks could possibly harm your website and should be removed.
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How to Get Verified by Twitter with Blue Check Badge -Mohr Publicity Complete instructions for getting verified on Twitter. You can verify your Twitter page with these 6 steps.
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Identify Your Best Woman With the Help of Josh Pellicer
You may be a single man who hasn't accomplished a lot when it comes to dating. You may have go through in the internet some dating ideas for improving your seduction tactics. Certainly, you have also known many creators of those attraction or dating guidelines and you've come across with Josh Pellicer, the famous dating expert. He published the e-book The Tao of Badass. This Josh Pellicer book is intended for males who've failed to attract girls many times.
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Juvederm San Diego - Dermal Fillers - Age Management Clinic and Medical Spa
Executive Medical is a full-service physician-owned age management clinic and medical spa, that provides quality injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Voluma and Restylane, in a safe and caring environment. We are located in North County San Diego. /nCall us today at 760-290-3552.
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Loans for bad credit
To get more information please visit
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Organized Mind : How To Rewire Your Brain To Stop Bad Habits
I want to thank you for checking out the book, “Awaken Organized Mind: Organized Mind: How To Rewire Your Brain To Stop Bad Habits & Addiction In 30 Easy Steps”. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to organize your mind to help you overcome bad habits in your life. It will help you understand how your mind works. It will give you easy steps on how you can beat bad habits and addictions that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Grab your FREE Audiobook here: /nMore audiobooks here: /n
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Small Companies Unsecured Lending
The Company experienced in Financing for Small Local businesses . If you would like you would like to apply and get approved then, Should You need more info be sure to take the time to view our web page by heading over to this great link:
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The best way To Uncover A Bad Cop - Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Exposes
This is a superb piece of information about bad cops from an actual lawyer who practices criminal law in Las Vegas. If you are being prosecuted for a criminal offense it is your right to know whether bat cop has been dishonest previously or has perjured himself in court. Unfortunately, that is the very last thing the District Attorney's Office wants you to bear in mind of if making the error of being investigated for crime.? How To Find Police corruption in las vegas
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Top Brain Surgeon Palm Beach FL
Browse this site for more information on Top Brain Surgeon Palm Beach FL. Actually; several clients do not require surgery. However, they check out a top brain surgeon to get a medical viewpoint or discuss non-invasive therapies-- like utilizing radiation-- to treat lesions of the nerves. You won't hear a lot of patients experiencing non-threatening health issues. Top Brain Surgeon Palm Beach FL treatment is a bit much more serious than treating a bad instance of brain freeze from a gelato cone. And the after-effects are not virtually as delicious.follow us:
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Tornadoes in Flagstaff, AZ - Storm Chasing in AZ *NOT REALLY*
Ep. #11 The Cars - "Drive" Cover on the Tyros 4 with Vocals/n the Tyros 4 or 5 here: you would like to see what recording settings I used when making this on the Tyros please refer to Ep. #10: Chileout1 (Located at Ballad/Pg4)./nDRIVE - THE CARS/n1. A D A D Who's gonna tell you when it's too late A D A D Who's gonna tell you things aren't so great/nChorus F#m Bm F#m Bm You can't go on , thinkin' nothing's wrong A D A Who's gonna drive you home tonight/n2 A D A D Who's gonna pick you up when you fall A D A D Who's gonna hang it up when you call A D A D Who's gonna pay attention to your dreams A D A D And who's gonna plug their ears when you scream/nChorus F#m Bm F#m Bm You can't go on , thinkin' nothing's wrong A D A Who's gonna drive you home tonight/n3. A D A D Who's gonna hold you down when you push A D A D Who's gonna come around when you break/nChorus F#m Bm F#m Bm You can't go on , thinkin' nothing's wrong A D A Who's gonna drive you home tonight A D A Who's gonna drive you home tonight/nHave fun!/nUse this music for free as a backing track! Just subscribe to my channel, post the video you used this music in as a video comment under this video; like this video, and give the appropriate credit in your video pointing to my channel ( ) at the end of your video in regards to my music that you used. /nYou are not allowed to give away or resell my music, it is only free for YOU to use. Thank you!/nDownload the MP3: /nCheck out our site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #tyros4 #MusicalEnsemble #cover #Composition #JohnOrjias #thejohnnyoshow #PremierePro Ep. #12 GoPro 3+ Black: Handle Bar Mount Test/n 3+ Black footage by using a handle bar mount. I didn't realize protune was on-going from a previous test, nevertheless it was. Premier Pro HDR 2fps time lapse ./nTry the pages of our internet-site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #test #Camera #Orjias #GoPro #PremierePro #TheIndependentNetwork #Digital #RecumbentBicycle #Camcorder #Protune #Time /nEp. #13 GoPro 3+ Black Test: Stationary Bike Mount - 1fps/n, after further testing I have created beyond just the conclusion that wearing GoPro connected with bicycle you would like to mount it on a FIXED point, NOT situated on the handle bars since these move an excessive amount of; you wish it connected with many lessons that will always keep the bicycle in the identical spot on the frame generate a number of vibration less noticeable. /nSo, not on handle bars, but found on the frame - with lower it's, the better, as there is less side to side motion lower on the bike./nAlso using HDR techniques helps quite a bit after which somewhat saturation ./nCheck out the pages of our internet-site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #Handlebarmount #thejohnnyoshow #Tyros #Bicycle #TheIndependentNetwork #1FPS #GoPro #ColorCorrection #WeightLoss /nEp. #14 Tornadoes in Flagstaff, AZ - Storm Chasing in AZ *NOT REALLY*/n National Weather Service confirmed that two EF-1 tornados (86-100MPH Winds) touched down on Interstate 40 between mileposts 180 and 190 west of Flagstaff on Oct. 6, 2010. Based on AP, Dan LeBlanc no matter the National Weather Service said "that confirmation came because the tornado passed almost directly over our office here in Bellemont," /nA tornado hit Bellemont at 5:30 a.m. on Oct 6, 2010, and a real one about 45 minutes later. The tornado smashed windows and torn off siding of buildings, making ten or fifteen homes uninhabitable. Seven people reported minor injuries./nThe Red Cross created shelter at Flagstaff Middle School for approximately 30 people whose homes became unlivable. The Department of Public Safety reported several collisions in the Bellemont area. No serious injuries were reported in them wrecks. I-40 was closed for some time from Parks far better A-1 interchange, roughly milepost 170 to 190./nThe outdoor conditions derailed a 58-car train, 28 relating to cars were blown from all the tracks./nAbout 30 RVs were blown over on the Camping World RV Park and debris was scattered throughout I-40./nEvery day tornadoes were reported elsewhere. A tornado ripped a 15 mile path simply because forest near Blue Ridge; one was confirmed near Munds Park; and another touched down beside a cross country ski area at Fort Valley ./nTake a look at the pages of our website: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #Tornado #Tyros #Rain #Storm #Arizona #FlagstaffAZ #WeightLoss #thejohnnyoshow #Flagstaff #Parks #StormChasingHob /nEp. #15 Miley Cyrus - "Party in the USA" ASL Cover/n an area talent show, Tiana and her friend committed themselves to discovering how to sign the lyrics of "Party in the USA," by Miley Cyrus. They also committed themselves to looking as outlandish as possible. :-) /nCheck out our site: Facebook: to get your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #Language #PremierePro #Tyros #cover #Miley #Music #music #party #WeightLoss #TalentShow #Cyrus /nEp. #16 Nine Year Old together with an Awesome Voice: Adele - "Someone Like You"/n talent show where my daughter and her friend did the sign language skit ( ) this young girl sang Adele's hit "Someone Like You."/nI do not they are but my daughter said we dreamed about record her because she was awesome. She was 2 grades below my daughter especially during, so we're presuming she would been 9. Probably would see her on The Voice, or The X Factor or something like that in many years if she keeps the/nTry the pages of our website: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #School #HumanVoice #nineyearsold #SomeoneLikeYou #TheIndependentNetwork #amazingvoice #TalentShow #Adele /nEp. #17 The Random Show!?! ft. Lipstick lying on a Monkey!/n's the reason happens when you permit children admission to a camcorder, and those kids happen to observe iCarly. "Taylor" and "Natalie" have a useful show involving putting makeup through the entire stuffed animal, "Samantha Carter" find out the musical guest singing covers, and yes: there's a random dancing skit ./nCheck out our web-site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #TheIndependentNetwork #JohnOrjias #Lipstick #Monkey #Cosmetics #Tyros #th /nEp. #18 The Random Show!?! - Part 2/n even more of the same ol' crazy. Just a collage of home videos. Also featuring "Taylor" interviewing a "Brittney." /nTake a look at our web-site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #TheIndependentNetwork #Roadtrip #children #Orjias #JohnOrjias #PremierePro #memories #ScubaDiving #WeightLoss #Japan #Nickelo /nEp. #19 Easy methods to Make a Duck Tape Wallet/n, not DUCT tape, DUCK tape; that's NOT an accident, unlike the vast majority of Tiana's wallet - which had occurred accidentally. Also, you will see nothing from this video. It's just funny. :-) Speak about epic fails./nTake a look at more cool videos on The Independent Network at /nTry the pages of our site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #Tyros #GoPro #homevideo #PremierePro #thejohnnyoshow #Orjias #ducktape #familyvideo #Howto #ducktape #wallet #Tut /nEp. #20 How you can Get a Duck Tape Wallet - Part 2/n if part 1 have not been agonizing enough... :-) This article is her second try to have a tutorial. She actually provides helpful information in this one. :-) So, this is ALMOST an a legitimate tutorial ./nCheck out the pages of our web-site: Facebook: your YouTube videos seen FOR FREE! Join The Independent Network TODAY! NO catches, NO cost, NO Contracts... totally FREE! #ducttapewallet #homevideo #JohnOrjias #Tutorial #thejohnnyoshow #Wallet #TheIndependentNetwork #Orjia
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Video Editing Tests
To acquire more information, Check this! Ep. #1 GoPro 3+ Black Imovie Stablization and Spot Meter /n the video recording I proclaim I shoot at 24fps however, i meant 30fps./nGoPro Options: Spot meter on, 2.7 wide, 30fps, Protune off./nGoPro Studio: Candy Color and CineForm codec./nTest Video, Left Side Stabilized in iMovie, Right side normal./nAt regular speed, stabilization seemed terrible, it has a problem with the the fish eye, same results with virtualdub and ProDrenalin, nevertheless they took considerably longer to process. For that reason if I ran this video slow I wouldn't even bother with the stabilization, since it makes the fish eye more apparent. That being said with the hi-speed it's improved with it on. /n#Camera #newtoniowa #test #bikeride #MeteringMode #RecumbentBicycle #Bicycle #Tyros #demo #GoPro #Bike /nEp. #2 Test Stabilization on GoPro 4K Video/n fail when working with stabilization with iMovie, Final Cut, and Lock and Load; the best results with Adobe Premier Pro CC 7 using built in stabilization./n4K, 15fps, Spot meter off. /nI favor the spot meter being on; some scenes with spot meter on (ep. #1) are exceedingly dark and maybe definitely not actually make use of in a actual video recording, but sequences with spot meter off were washed out and there were more washed out moments with spot meter off then there were far too dark clips with spot meter on. This is as expected in the plastic casing, I still feel that out of the casing washed scenes would be much less, but this test was in the case to compare to ep #1./n4K at 15fps was less forgiving to stabilize but final outcomes were much clearer then the 2K after stabilization in ep #1./nSo in this test, it looks like I will be probably staying mostly in Premier Pro for my editing. And anything that I am speeding up I will use the 4K for sure. It still has a way to go before looking very good, though./nNext test will be a 2 hour bike ride time lapse at a frame every second, I will run out of space on my card before the ride is over, but will see if any kind of stabilization can be applied; my guess is NO, it seems the slower the frame rate the less it can be stabilized. This is an observation I made in ep. #1 and it seems to be holding true when making ep. #2, and only one software packages was able to do anything with it at 15fps. /n#Orjias #GoPro #Iowa #WeightLoss #Bicycle #JohnOrjias #thejohnnyoshow #RecumbentBicycle/nEp. #3 To Crop or NOT to Crop (GoPro and Fish Eye Cropping)/n is a test of the GoPro 3+ Black in regards as to if it is better to record in 1080 Narrow to get rid of the fish eye, or record at a high resolution and crop later if you need to./nShort answer is 4K Wide Cropped to remove fish eye will not cause any loss of resolution compared to recording at 1080 Narrow, but it's only 15fps./n2.7K Wide can not be cropped to a small enough area and have as good resolution as 1080 Narrow mode./nHowever, 2.7k Medium can be cropped to 1920x1080 and it will be the same image (or very close) to the 1080 Narrow./nSo to sum it up: if you think you may want to crop out fish eye from a recording you are going to make, but want some extra width in the recording just in case you can use it, record at 2.7K Medium and you can crop out the fisheye and not lose any resolution compared to 1080 Narrow Mode. /n#WeightLoss #video #TheIndependentNetwork #Crop #Orjias #FisheyeLens #Quality #JohnOrjias #GoPro #1080Narrow #Tyros #premierepro/nEp. #4 Low Light Test: Less Video Noise on GoPro 3+ Black/n I wanted to see if any mode had less grain/noise at low light. Not a very scientific test, but may have some validity./nIt would make sense to me that the wide would be better than Narrow or Medium because it uses the whole sensor. I'm not sure why 4K is so bad except that possibly it's being only 15fps could have something to do with it. I am not really sure. I did a second test and had the same results at that size./nTo me it seems as if 1080 Wide had the less noise out of all of them. /nPost your thoughts. I will run another test some other time in a much darker room, but this room was pretty dark as you will see before the GoPro adjusts. I will also test protune settings as well in future, this is just my first test./n#WeightLoss #bestmode #resolution #PremierePro #GoPro #grain #noise #videonoise #sensor #GoProHero2 #thejohnnyoshow #lighting /nEp. #5 Slowmo Test: GoPro 3+ Black vs. Trampoline/n is just a quick test using slowmo and a few thought about why you would use a 4:3. and protune. Again this is just apart of a series of tests, this it not intended as any kind of tutorial. /n#240fps #slowmotion #PremierePro #slowmo #100fps #120fps #slowmo #trampoline #3black #slowmotion #Orjias #GoPro #TheIndependentNetwork #Tyros /nEp. #6 GoPro 3+ Black: Low Light Test #2/n zoom to see the noise easier. This is a continuation from Ep. #4 of my low light testing to find the best mode. does confirm that the higher the resolution the more the noise. It looks like it's still around 1080 Wide is the best, except that ISO looks to have kept shifting on this recording, but protune mode would fix that./nI will do my next low light test between 1080 and 1440 using different protune settings at this level of darkness/n#noise #Tyros #grain #GoPro #PremierePro #Light #bestmode #protune #Orjias #lowlight #resolution #TheIndependentNetwork #black #thejohnnyoshow /nEp. #7 Tyros 4 Intro Part 1 - Building the Stand/n is an introduction to the MFC-10 Midi Foot Controller. LS-7 Stand Build Tutorial, and a very hard to see tutorial of the install of the extra memory. Please refer to this URL for a better tutorial on the install of the memory. will be creating training videos of everything on the Tyros 4; on every feature and some tricks I know that you will not find done by anyone else. I just got it when creating this video and did not have great lighting. So sorry about the poor quality, they will get better. /nHope you find it useful, The next video I upload will be on connecting all the accessories./nGood grief! I have lost a lot of hair. I need to edit that bald spot out next time. :-)/nI purchased my Tyros 4 from Keyboard Kastle in Omaha, NE. Best Place to get one! $4,599 for the whole thing; Keyboard, speakers, and stand./n#music #Multitrack #Yamaha #Soundtrack #New #Orjias #Tutorial #Tyros #Intro #thejohnnyoshow #WeightLoss #LF512 #Tyros4 #LS7 #GoPro #LS7/nEp. #8 Omaha Zoo, Summer 2013/n was a family trip to Omaha in the summer of 2013. There's plenty of footage of all the animals there, as well as the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit. /nI had more footage but that camera got dropped and busted that day. At the zoo. That was fun. Most of the video on this was taken by my daughter on an iPad and the footage was very shaky. So this was mainly a learning video for me playing with the warp stabilizer settings, some color correction, etc. Not great but good practice non the less./n"Let's Go to the Zoo," original composition by John Orjias, using the Tyros 4. /n#Orjias #HenryDoorlyZooAndAquarium #WeightLoss #Composer #PremierePro #Song #Let39sGototheZoo #zoo/nEp. #9 Tyros 4 Intro Part 2 - Connecting Accessories/n video simply covers the aspects of connecting the TRS-MS04 speakers and various other equipment such as the MFC-10, a tube pre-amp, microphone, and foot pedal. Look for my next video which will cover configuring the MFC-10 and other foot pedal. Again this video was taken the same night I made the first so the lighting is still not great in this one. Sorry. /nI have completed editing the footage for how to connect the MFC-10. It is here: last piece of background music in the video is the first piece I have been trying to rebuild of my old work on the Yamaha W7 on the Tyros. The original is here: /nI have a ways to go, once I'm finished I will provide downloads for all style and custom multipad and register settings. /n#GoPro #Audio #presonus #Tyros #TRSMS04 #accessories #free #piano #Yamaha #tyros4 #Cover #PremierePro #TRSMS04 #Lesson #gojohnnygo #YamahaTyros2/nEp. #10 How To: Better Digital Recording on the Tyros 4/n the very beginning, I mention some brief info on the recording settings on the GoPro 3+ Black that I used to record this with. Then I get into the meat of the subject in regards to the settings I have been using to get better sound out of my Tyros 4./nDetails about EQ settings and the Master Compressor and why they should be used. /n#yamaha #GoPro #tyros4 #music #TheIndependentNetwork #digitalrecording #thejohnnyoshow #Orjias #Black #lowlight #compressor #digitalrecorder
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