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Added: 03-06-2015
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To acquire more information, Check this! Ep. #1 GoPro 3+ Black Imovie Stablization and Spot Meter /n the video recording I proclaim I shoot at 24fps however, i meant 30fps./nGoPro Options: Spot meter on, 2.7 wide, 30fps, Protune off./nGoPro Studio: Candy Color and CineForm codec./nTest Video, Left Side Stabilized in iMovie, Right side normal./nAt regular speed, stabilization seemed terrible, it has a problem with the the fish eye, same results with virtualdub and ProDrenalin, nevertheless they took considerably longer to process. For that reason if I ran this video slow I wouldn't even bother with the stabilization, since it makes the fish eye more apparent. That being said with the hi-speed it's improved with it on. /n#Camera #newtoniowa #test #bikeride #MeteringMode #RecumbentBicycle #Bicycle #Tyros #demo #GoPro #Bike /nEp. #2 Test Stabilization on GoPro 4K Video/n fail when working with stabilization with iMovie, Final Cut, and Lock and Load; the best results with Adobe Premier Pro CC 7 using built in stabilization./n4K, 15fps, Spot meter off. /nI favor the spot meter being on; some scenes with spot meter on (ep. #1) are exceedingly dark and maybe definitely not actually make use of in a actual video recording, but sequences with spot meter off were washed out and there were more washed out moments with spot meter off then there were far too dark clips with spot meter on. This is as expected in the plastic casing, I still feel that out of the casing washed scenes would be much less, but this test was in the case to compare to ep #1./n4K at 15fps was less forgiving to stabilize but final outcomes were much clearer then the 2K after stabilization in ep #1./nSo in this test, it looks like I will be probably staying mostly in Premier Pro for my editing. And anything that I am speeding up I will use the 4K for sure. It still has a way to go before looking very good, though./nNext test will be a 2 hour bike ride time lapse at a frame every second, I will run out of space on my card before the ride is over, but will see if any kind of stabilization can be applied; my guess is NO, it seems the slower the frame rate the less it can be stabilized. This is an observation I made in ep. #1 and it seems to be holding true when making ep. #2, and only one software packages was able to do anything with it at 15fps. /n#Orjias #GoPro #Iowa #WeightLoss #Bicycle #JohnOrjias #thejohnnyoshow #RecumbentBicycle/nEp. #3 To Crop or NOT to Crop (GoPro and Fish Eye Cropping)/n is a test of the GoPro 3+ Black in regards as to if it is better to record in 1080 Narrow to get rid of the fish eye, or record at a high resolution and crop later if you need to./nShort answer is 4K Wide Cropped to remove fish eye will not cause any loss of resolution compared to recording at 1080 Narrow, but it's only 15fps./n2.7K Wide can not be cropped to a small enough area and have as good resolution as 1080 Narrow mode./nHowever, 2.7k Medium can be cropped to 1920x1080 and it will be the same image (or very close) to the 1080 Narrow./nSo to sum it up: if you think you may want to crop out fish eye from a recording you are going to make, but want some extra width in the recording just in case you can use it, record at 2.7K Medium and you can crop out the fisheye and not lose any resolution compared to 1080 Narrow Mode. /n#WeightLoss #video #TheIndependentNetwork #Crop #Orjias #FisheyeLens #Quality #JohnOrjias #GoPro #1080Narrow #Tyros #premierepro/nEp. #4 Low Light Test: Less Video Noise on GoPro 3+ Black/n I wanted to see if any mode had less grain/noise at low light. Not a very scientific test, but may have some validity./nIt would make sense to me that the wide would be better than Narrow or Medium because it uses the whole sensor. I'm not sure why 4K is so bad except that possibly it's being only 15fps could have something to do with it. I am not really sure. I did a second test and had the same results at that size./nTo me it seems as if 1080 Wide had the less noise out of all of them. /nPost your thoughts. I will run another test some other time in a much darker room, but this room was pretty dark as you will see before the GoPro adjusts. I will also test protune settings as well in future, this is just my first test./n#WeightLoss #bestmode #resolution #PremierePro #GoPro #grain #noise #videonoise #sensor #GoProHero2 #thejohnnyoshow #lighting /nEp. #5 Slowmo Test: GoPro 3+ Black vs. Trampoline/n is just a quick test using slowmo and a few thought about why you would use a 4:3. and protune. Again this is just apart of a series of tests, this it not intended as any kind of tutorial. /n#240fps #slowmotion #PremierePro #slowmo #100fps #120fps #slowmo #trampoline #3black #slowmotion #Orjias #GoPro #TheIndependentNetwork #Tyros /nEp. #6 GoPro 3+ Black: Low Light Test #2/n zoom to see the noise easier. This is a continuation from Ep. #4 of my low light testing to find the best mode. does confirm that the higher the resolution the more the noise. It looks like it's still around 1080 Wide is the best, except that ISO looks to have kept shifting on this recording, but protune mode would fix that./nI will do my next low light test between 1080 and 1440 using different protune settings at this level of darkness/n#noise #Tyros #grain #GoPro #PremierePro #Light #bestmode #protune #Orjias #lowlight #resolution #TheIndependentNetwork #black #thejohnnyoshow /nEp. #7 Tyros 4 Intro Part 1 - Building the Stand/n is an introduction to the MFC-10 Midi Foot Controller. LS-7 Stand Build Tutorial, and a very hard to see tutorial of the install of the extra memory. Please refer to this URL for a better tutorial on the install of the memory. will be creating training videos of everything on the Tyros 4; on every feature and some tricks I know that you will not find done by anyone else. I just got it when creating this video and did not have great lighting. So sorry about the poor quality, they will get better. /nHope you find it useful, The next video I upload will be on connecting all the accessories./nGood grief! I have lost a lot of hair. I need to edit that bald spot out next time. :-)/nI purchased my Tyros 4 from Keyboard Kastle in Omaha, NE. Best Place to get one! $4,599 for the whole thing; Keyboard, speakers, and stand./n#music #Multitrack #Yamaha #Soundtrack #New #Orjias #Tutorial #Tyros #Intro #thejohnnyoshow #WeightLoss #LF512 #Tyros4 #LS7 #GoPro #LS7/nEp. #8 Omaha Zoo, Summer 2013/n was a family trip to Omaha in the summer of 2013. There's plenty of footage of all the animals there, as well as the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit. /nI had more footage but that camera got dropped and busted that day. At the zoo. That was fun. Most of the video on this was taken by my daughter on an iPad and the footage was very shaky. So this was mainly a learning video for me playing with the warp stabilizer settings, some color correction, etc. Not great but good practice non the less./n"Let's Go to the Zoo," original composition by John Orjias, using the Tyros 4. /n#Orjias #HenryDoorlyZooAndAquarium #WeightLoss #Composer #PremierePro #Song #Let39sGototheZoo #zoo/nEp. #9 Tyros 4 Intro Part 2 - Connecting Accessories/n video simply covers the aspects of connecting the TRS-MS04 speakers and various other equipment such as the MFC-10, a tube pre-amp, microphone, and foot pedal. Look for my next video which will cover configuring the MFC-10 and other foot pedal. Again this video was taken the same night I made the first so the lighting is still not great in this one. Sorry. /nI have completed editing the footage for how to connect the MFC-10. It is here: last piece of background music in the video is the first piece I have been trying to rebuild of my old work on the Yamaha W7 on the Tyros. The original is here: /nI have a ways to go, once I'm finished I will provide downloads for all style and custom multipad and register settings. /n#GoPro #Audio #presonus #Tyros #TRSMS04 #accessories #free #piano #Yamaha #tyros4 #Cover #PremierePro #TRSMS04 #Lesson #gojohnnygo #YamahaTyros2/nEp. #10 How To: Better Digital Recording on the Tyros 4/n the very beginning, I mention some brief info on the recording settings on the GoPro 3+ Black that I used to record this with. Then I get into the meat of the subject in regards to the settings I have been using to get better sound out of my Tyros 4./nDetails about EQ settings and the Master Compressor and why they should be used. /n#yamaha #GoPro #tyros4 #music #TheIndependentNetwork #digitalrecording #thejohnnyoshow #Orjias #Black #lowlight #compressor #digitalrecorder
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